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Who are you?
Why were you
kissing me
in those scenes

from a dream?

And then, you
would show up
the next day
and talk to me?

You literally
walked into
my dream

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

into my life.

Days, weeks,
and years
have gone by.

My mind
says enough…
of you… and I.
But my heart
would argue.
It has become

your home.

I’ve been losing
my mind
trying to

my heart… since.

I’d go insane
each time
you visit…
my mind.

No, don’t send me
those love letters…
No, don’t show me
too much affection…
And No… don’t spend
too much intimate

moments… with me.

I might
get used to them
and ask
for more…honey.

If you can’t maintain
the vibe until the end
just please, stop giving
me your time…

love and attention.

I want you to be
my crisp lazuli sky.
The clouds
may pass by
like your emotions
but the sky…

it remains.

I want consistency, my love.
I don’t want to be
in a bubble of romance
with you… just yet.

We’ve only just met.

No, don’t give me
those vows…
I want you
to act on them.

If you really want
to be with me,
you should be
holding my hand…

by now.

Rainy afternoon whiff of thoughts.

📷 Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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