You knew what I felt from the very beginning, yet you didn’t say a word. I never received anything not even a rejection, even though it was clear for me that the feelings weren’t mutual. But for you, you believed that I have the right to feel what I feel.

Because there was no rejection, it became hard for me to get over these feelings, I never really gotten completely over them to be honest, I had unending ‘what-ifs’, such as “What if he may come to like me as much I like him when the time comes?”, “What if I just wait?”. You were my good friend, I looked forward in your ‘Good Mornings’ and ‘How are you’ as we chat online every day. I found those really comforting especially every time I was having a rough time in school.

Until one day I found out who the girl you liked, I asked you if it was true and you said it was. And yes, it hurt a lot. Specially that one time I saw you keep a lot of pictures of her in your phone. That girl was one of the prettiest, admired by everyone even my closest friends. Because of that, I felt worse.

God’s Love comforted me the most. I tried to fix back my eyes on what truly matters. I started valuing myself more as how God sees me.You shouldn’t let anyone define your worth. And you shouldn’t let your feelings and emotions get the best of you. Be wise with your feelings.

Eventually I started to keep my distance from you. Somehow, I didn’t regret that I liked you. You were a lesson that taught me a lot of things. You still are my friend up until today. I told myself once that ‘lifetime friendship is better that teenage love’.

Stop leaving people hanging. Be honest, tell them what you truly feel about them. Don’t give them false expectations. If friendship is the only thing you can give to them, then say it. It may feel good knowing a person likes you a lot, but don’t make them invest time, emotions, and effort if in the end you’re going to leave them hanging.