At a certain point in our life, we always have moments where we think that at that point of time we have things figured out. We think it’s beautiful, a perfect moment shared with the people that are dear to us. We never wanted these moments to end even though at the very back of our minds lies doubt and fear of the unknown future. We continue on our journey to pursue our hopes and dreams to fulfill with our own might. We think that if we continue to dwell in the path we thought is right for us then we have that sense of accomplishment and victory amidst the doubts.

At that very moment we have filled a temporary void in our hearts that because we are happy then we will continue to dwell in those moments creating happy memories and experiences in the process. Do we always need to be this way? To have that exhilarating ride at life where having fun is always the go to place we want to be? Or are we really isolating ourselves from the reality where God wants us to be? Will we be happy if the people we are with now will still be with us when God places us to the place He wants us to be? Is it really for the purpose of learning from these moments that will make us stronger and wiser as we tread on the journey of the promise God has set out for us?

In reality, sometimes, those things that we thought are perfect for us just suddenly falls apart. Without any reasons why, leaving us empty and confused of what really just happened. These are the things that we never expect to happen for us and with the people around us. As time passes by, our mind continues to play games with us feeding us with mixed emotions and unexplainable feeling of pain. Sometimes we often think that maybe all of these is part of a bigger plan where we then again rush into things that we think will be better for us but only results in more hurt, pain and regret.

You can never fully understand the present struggles unless you are looking forward to what is really happening in the bigger picture. They say that the end will justify the pain it took to get us there, that above all of these things that we are struggling right now will soon be the result of pieces and pieces of puzzle pieces that when are together displays a complete masterpiece of all of these things we haven’t even thought about. By and by we would come to know that each part of those experiences that wrecked us are just little pieces that we should have never struggled in the past. These little things that we thought are a big deal for us now but in the future are just tiny specks of dust that we should have never gave a thought about.

I admit to have fallen in a trap where we have poured ourselves so much that we were blinded by the reality that there is so much more that God had planned for us. We have put ourselves in a box where we continually let our hearts out for each other without even noticing that we were swaying away from the destiny that we were supposed to be in. I never regret the day that we both met nor the days when we were both happy nor the days when we were struggling to get by. But as we go on with our different path may it be that at this time we are building ourselves for something greater, greater than both of us, and greater than what we both have imagined.

He’s not done with your story yet. The life you have right now though it’s cloudy, cluttered, and doesn’t make sense, it is not the picture He wants for you. Put your complete trust in the Great author of our lives. Continue to be patient, be still, and always remember to look forward to the great plans He has for you.