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It was as if the night wasn’t coming to an end. That it will always be dark, dim, and blurry.  Tonight you told me your wish, your first and last wish.

We have this habit to ask each other for a wish. “What’s your wish?” we utter. But it has always been you asking me for one. It has always been me having my wish come true. You were good at making me happy. You’ve put a flower in my heart and grows it to a tree. You are best at making me feel worthy.

I wasn’t planning to love you anyway. But I still fell on your misery, good misery. You have taken me to places I’ve never been to, like in the river of tears, ocean of pain, and mountains of suffering. You have made a traveler out of me.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So, my wish? I wished that I can make you happy. I wished on staying by your side the night. I wished that can eat my favorite cookies and ice cream with you. I wished that we would read a book together. I wished that you hug me when I am sad. I wished that I can take a photo with you. I wished I can hold you closer to me. I wished that I can watch fireworks with you. I wished that we could be. Everything I wished came true, because of you. The last wish made you say your wish. I was excited, jumping on the inside, waiting for your wish.

“I wish we will be friends, forever.”

I almost forgot, I granted your wish and you answer my last wish with this. 🙂 Friends.

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