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Everyone can say “mahal kita or I love you” but not all people can stand on the true meaning of it. For some they say this just to express only what they feel when they are overwhelmed, or when they are happy. It is hard to love someone, without loving God and yourself first. The difference of God’s love to a man’s love. In God’s love there is no what if’s, no condemnation, no limitations and no doubts. In man’s love there will be limitations, there will be doubts or what if’s. If we will use our own self love to keep the person we love, without having God to it. Mahihirapan tayong mahalin yung kapwa natin. God help us to love his people beyond our capabilities. Siya yung dahilan kung bakit kahit sobrang sakit na, minamahal mo pa rin. Ang dali lang sabihin na mahal ka ng tao, or mahal mo yung isang tao. Pero hanggang kelan? Hanggang kelan mo kayang panghawakan?

Sana kapag nagmahal ka, handa ka na. Pero sa ngayon piliin mo muna mahalin sarili mo, let God filled your emptiness. Let yourself be found on Him. Let this season of yours to be awaken on what real love is. Let God show you what genuine love is. Maybe you are waiting, it’s okay. Walang pabilisan dito, walang karera dito. Mas masarap magmahal, kung ikaw mismo buo ka na. You deserve the love that you always asked for. You deserve the love that is not based on their emotions. You deserve the genuine love. Love that never fades. Love that never gives up. (1 Corinthians 13)


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