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You met someone and you have a lot in common. You talk with each other almost every day. You make each other laugh and smile. In short, you like each other and you want to be in a relationship. When this happens to you, “WAIT Lang Muna”. Let me remind you that a relationship isn’t all about chemistry. Liking each other isn’t enough foundation neither having the same likes. That’s why there’s called waiting season. You let time do its purpose.

In your waiting, you must let God write your love story. It means trusting and depending on him wholly not partially. Here, you don’t force or manipulate the outcome. You don’t try to figure out things because you believe God is already working it out. And don’t dare to go to the next level without God’s green light. It ain’t safe. Know that the only safest place you can be is in the center of God’s will.

In your waiting,you must control your self, your thoughts and emotions. Know your boundaries and standards.This is difficult especially if you really like someone and starting to fall, you’ll always be tempted to make a move. But don’t make a move, let God move. The only move you should make is PRAY.Reserve that move in God’s time. It will surely come.

In your waiting, you must have the right perspective of relationship. You just don’t decide out of impulsivity and pleasure.Don’t enter a relationship based on emotion and passion. You can never trust your emotions.Elevate your perspective and detach yourself from the heat of the moment.

In your waiting,you must grow spiritually.Seek God regardless of the circumstance.You might not understand things along the way but know that the grace of God is sufficient. Know Him each day. Stay closer to Him.And build a deeper relationship with Him. If you are growing spiritually, you are also maturing emotionally.

You can only say that your are truly waiting when you completely surrender it to God. This includes not worrying and controlling the situation because you know that God is in control and He is working it out. You do not rush things between you and you do not fear the outcome because you know that God has always the best plan for you.

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