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As I am staring at the ceiling of my room, thoughts are working in my mind.

Our Life…

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It was like, we, people keep on chasing happiness for satisfaction. We pressure ourselves that we “should” always be happy. We are chasing happiness for our emotional security.

But as I can see in life now, it’s not always about that. We are not living just to be happy. We are living for God’s purpose. We are living to believe and have faith in him, and not for ourselves.

There is no wrong in being sad as long as your faith is in him, just don’t let that sadness become your comfort.

In reality, it’s hard to think that our desires are not always the same as God’s will, but we have to be glad and still be thankful and joyful if we are in struggle, because a great reward is kept for us in God. (Matthew 5:12)

It’s good to have a high level of positive thinking but don’t let it control us, because not all our positive visions are God’s will. It maybe given or not, let us be thankful for the things that we have in the current. Because sometimes, small things matter the most. And at times, when we are busy focusing on the uncertain biggest things to happen, we forget to notice that the small things are the things that keep us alive and stable at the moment.


-Per per<3

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