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That salt air rubbing against your skin, that loud music from a distance, that excitement the first time the waves meet your toes, that feeling of catching up a deadline— wait, what? You found yourself sitting across the room, wala pa palang summer. Right now, you’re facing a bunch of tasks that doubles every time you finish one. You take a pause and ask yourself, “Am I making the right decisions? Am I chasing the right dreams? Am I pursuing the right goals?” That’s our greatest fear when it comes to entering the so-called adulting, to find out that we chose the wrong choices. Araw-araw we walk with casual anxieties if our sacrifices are even worth it. It’s when we give it our all only to find out that our best is not enough that makes us question everything. One of the biggest heartbreaks that I’ve encountered was to walk away from something that I wanted my whole life. It was my childhood dream, I couldn’t picture myself doing anything in my life but that. I was a hundred percent sure and I’m one hell of a confident fella that it was meant for me. But then, reality hits. That “one thing” that I’ve been “wanting” all my life, doesn’t align with my strength… spare the latter, I’m a coward, my fighting spirit is terrible, and unlike in epic heroic wars— I don’t always win. Hindi palaging masusunod ang mga kagustuhan natin. If this sounds like your situation right now, my friend, don’t be discouraged. It’s not bad to have a plan B, to maneuver, to dream a new dream, chase a different goal, and to start finding yourself again. At least now, you won’t enter a new door with nothing— you’re taking a brand new path with lessons and experiences from the past. Soon again, we’ll find ourselves out in the sun during midsummer, breathing all our worries away not thinking of what’s about to come next—just living in the moment. Hopefully, soon again, that time will come. Our breakthrough will arrive.

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