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Your heart was bruised for countless times. You fought so many battles alone. Your life was never easy as you go along. And for certain, you feel tired and restless. Makes you feel like you’re breathless and hopeless. You realized that who you are now is different from who you are before. The colorful life that you used to live suddenly became black and white. There is no life. You want to go out of your world for a short period of time but you can’t. Your heart keeps screaming out and you have no choice but to deal with it every single day.

You always beg for love. You feel that what people show you is superficial and fake. The ones that you cared for seem to show nothing but their need for you. Making you happy is not their true concern. And you also realized that you also became tired of dealing with these people every day. You feel that you’re surrounded by people that doesn’t make you anything special. You are afraid to love and take the risks, because love for you became an endless game that is so hard to play. You are afraid to commit and show true love.

But through all of these thoughts, believe me when I say that there is hope. Your struggles today are your testimonies tomorrow. Your pain today is your gain in the next days to come. Your sorrow is only a test of your endurance to fight and live for yourself. Your worth does not depend on the circumstances that you have or the people around you. Your life would only be meaningful when you have Jesus. He will sustain you. He will give you the strength to live and fight again. He will make you feel the love that you deserve. A love that is abounding and true. A love that will always fight for you, even when you can’t manage to fight for yourself. He will make you see the beauty of life and help you rise up again. He will always make sure that there is a smile on your face and that it will never go away. He will show you the way to true happiness and success.

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Tired of everything, but still fighting. This should be your attitude all the time. May it remind you that life is a constant battle, but giving up is never an option. You are a warrior. You are a conqueror. Your faith will always make a difference.

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