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Disclaimer: Hello Boiling Waters PH! This is Uranusblue. I am so glad that I found your page on Facebook, just this evening. And I wanted to share with you one of my most treasured works. It’s been 3 years since I had a strong feeling towards someone I knew way back in grade school but he doesn’t know me. So strong that I ended up writing a poem for him. The poem was supposed to be about my feelings toward him, but it ended up generally describing one of the most upsetting kinds of emotion, that is, liking someone who will never like you back. It was unrequited. I have been keeping this poem to myself for 3 long years. Now is the time to let go of the historical past. I did this with no purpose of digging the old wounds but to tell someone out there, in my most humble guess, who might need to hear the message of this poem, that they are not alone in their agony and lost in the wilderness of a clamoring emotion. I am no sage nor a connoisseur, I am only an individual who silently confessed her feelings through a poem. And that, I believe, is usually the greatest way to understand what you truly feel. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this poem. Thank you and more blessings to you all!

P.S. It would be better if you listen to the song “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx while reading the poem ;).


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To him by Uranusblue

 “For those who admire someone but not being able to reach them and grab them with both hands regardless of the distance.”


Countries and continents are our boundaries

With the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Yours are maple leaves and mine are corals reefs

You are federated and I am democracy.



I’m ready to crash all the borders

And fly with all the eagles.

I am ready to swim with all the whales and mantas

And maneuver my car to Alberta.



As I reach your place in Fort McMurray

To see you in front of my face

It feels like I had finally reached my castle in Spain

However, to think again, it was only a dream of the day.



I have gone mad, I reckon

It’s not a fantasy to start with a once upon a time

End with a happy finale.

It’s a reality I should get on.



It’s just another imagination

One of my asinine illusions

To ponder the chances of reaching you

It is extremely vague for me to continue.



Now, how can I solve this conundrum of mine?

Thinking that this can be a peril to my life.

 It was enormously jeopardized but I can outlast the menace

Cast away that falter for my reason is willingness.



But the thought of you not knowing me

Wounded me, very, very deeply.

On second thought I was bewildered

Asking, did you cast a spell on me?



You captured my eyes eventually my heart

Yet you are oblivious about it

I am no stalwart to be acquainted with you

But perhaps, if it stays that way it could be better too.



Can I think that you’re here even though you’re not?

Anyway, I can learn to live with this kind of set-up.

To be a stranger at liberty

Who ought to follow you ubiquitously.



It feels like I’m searching for you in a Carrefour

Full and crowded by people

I don’t know where to look at as well as

In this game, I lost you, alas.



There happened to be a lot of barriers

But I hope that one day you’ll come back to your homeland

So that I could steal a glimpse of you, just for seconds

And if I give you a lift, would you take my hand?



If the distance is what I have to overcome

If only I have a map to trace you up

Could there be an outcome?

And if I call you, would you show up?



There are lots of what-ifs

Can’t even think straight, what is this?

I just want to pinch my limbs

So I could wake up in these illusions I built



I know I hanker after something I can’t have

Not even in the dreams of Alice in Wonderland

Somehow, to be in Disney is what I ask for

So that I could make my own story and you are my knight in shining armor.



I was here and you were there

We’re not on the same parallel

It was destined that we are two poles apart

Therefore to break this ill-fated destiny, one must step forward.



If you’re already reading up to this part

Perhaps, I could give you a clap

Since you finally knew

What I’m trying to tell you.



I wish I could hold on to that belief

That time heals if you let it

I’m trying to forget too

But as years go by there’s no forge I could do.



As they always say

That roses are red, violets are blue

And whatever I do

I will remain 6,694 miles away from you.



Since you’re now at the last part of this poem

There is only one thing I am so desperate for

That one day I could jostle you

While walking along Canada’s avenue.

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