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You were my all-or-nothing, worth the risk, and expect the unexpected. Our relationship was unplanned and yes I admit, it was so fast. I never thought I would fall for someone that fast. I am not that type who normally trust anyone, but you were different. I gave my full trust to you, we shared each other’s secrets from shallow to deepest secrets. You were a clown, bestfriend, listener, gentleman and you were never rude.

I remembered when the first time I heard my heartbeats faster and louder than before. That feeling scared me, I was not ready but it was really warm and I am genuinely happy. I let my feelings grow, and yes I loved you.

But there’s always an ending to everything. I started to get insecure, jealous, and unwanted. It was just one question “are we okay?” that made everything complicated.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

For a very long time, I saved courage to ask you that. It was the first time I asked you that question. Did you even asked me if I am okay? You never did. The first time I felt exhausted, burnt out. That was the time I needed you, I need my happy-go-lucky love, my support system, my “everything will be okay”, my hugs. Yes, I made a mess in our relationship but it was just one time babe in many-many time i should have given us up but I didn’t because everytime you gave me reason, I still go back to that one main reason why I love you. One time, one mess but you gave up on us.

I still wanna be with you but you pushed me away. I am atill stock in “how can I move on when I’m still in love with you”(by The Script)

This is why I am writing my last letter because I want you to know that I will be okay. I loved you, and you loved me but we were not ready for committments (yes we don’t have label) but it’s not the right time. We need to grow apart. We have to accept the things that is beyond my control. I dont have any regrets for giving us a chance to work it out. We maybe failed but atleast we tried. This failure taugjt us something. If we are meant to be, God will make a way in the right time we just need to trust His plans for us. And if we’re realy not for each other, please be more understanding and be you (everyone will love you for who you are). My boo, my b, my baby, you will always have a piece of my heart with you. I will always love you… from afar.


From the oceans until the end of the world, Gracey.

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