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Since I met you, I didn’t know what I would go through. I never felt the same way. It suddenly popped in my mind, that you are not just a friend. It is a battle that’s been rumbling in my head. I was confused. I was stressed. Why would I push through this mess? Your very presence was all I ever wanted. Without conditions, without preparations, without hesitations, I fell. Fell for you that easily. This was making me crazy. My thoughts were hazy. I didn’t know what to feel for you. All I know is that I have to face a tough battle on my own.

How would I fight for you, if I’m the only one who’s fighting? Is this war between you and me? Or is it between me and my own self? I tried to make you realize my feelings, but your actions were clear. You didn’t feel the same thing. We were not on the same page. I always thought that things would probably change. I hoped for your attention while setting aside my logic and reason. Quietly and patiently. I waited. Yet you never knew anything about it. I looked so pathetic.

This is a battle that I could never win. I’m sorry but I have to give in. These battle scars may leave a mark forever, but your appearance in my life would always teach me to be better. You were undeniably a part of me. But now I have to lose you so I could be free.

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