I hope that it’s not that late for me to feel this way towards you,
I know we’ve met a long time ago, and I don’t have any feelings for you that time.

But this time, we’re miles apart from each other now.
I regret this time that I did not even speak to you during those times that I still see you and we weren’t far from one another.
I hope that I still have the chance to pursue you this time even though distance separates us completely.

Thank you for making me feel this way again, you woke up my heart that slept for a long time.
Thank you for giving me a reason to smile again, thank you for this unexpected bliss in my life.

Maybe this time, it’s the right time for us. I’m still hoping for a chance to pursue you, a chance that I’d never had since our first glance.
I miss you and I hope to see your face again someday.

I may not be by your side, but always remember that I’m always here for you,
and I will always pray for you and I always have you in my heart.

Thank you for coming into my life and take care as always……