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I like you, so much that it hurts coz you dont like me enough to keep me. I saw how you get so broken but I like you even more. I dont know why, I guess I thought you need someone to take care of you and I tried to because I want to. But I dont think you want me to.

I get so sad whenever you’re sad and I’m happy as long as you’re happy. I hope you’re always happy, and I hope that somehow I became part of your happiness coz this time I’m stepping back not because I dont care, I do, I always do, its just that you dont, and it hurts coz I realized I’m starting to lose myself.

Sometimes I thought I hate you just because you dont like me but I ended up hating myself more for liking you so much, I just cant help it. There’s times that I doubted myself worth just because you ignored me, when all I ever did was choosing you in every decisions I made. You made me feel like I dont really matter to you at all, so I realized I had to stop. Its not easy for me coz I really like you— a lot, but this time I’m letting go.

This time, I’m choosing myself. I hope you find someone who will keep you. Someone you’d loved to be with and be happy with. I’m taking my distance to regain myself but I’ll always be there when you need me coz I still care— I always do. I hope you take care of yourself too.

P.S. I miss you, everyday.

         From Someone who cares

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