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It was a year ago when I realized I like you. Before that, you were only pretty stranger. When I see you around, my day literally brightens up. Your smile were like the sun, it warms my heart. Your eyes were like the moon, it give chills to my skin. All I ever prayed since that day was to get close to you.

Sometimes I imagined myself talking to you. Laughing I wish. But I am too shy to do so. I dreamed to be your friend. Lover I wish. But I think I am not worthy of you. I used to believe that destiny is dumb. But now, I am praying for it. That one day, we might become friends. Or maybe more than that. I’ve been to relationships before. But I never felt this way before. Now I perfectly understand, that YOU CAN ADORE SOMEONE FROM AFAR AND STILL STAY AS A STRANGER.

You look tired today, I muttered while looking at you. You were busy reading your notes. You’re really serious when it comes to studying. I wonder if you’re serious about everything too. You look busy today. I muttered while walking pass from you. You were busy with your documents. I guess being an org officer really gives you a challenge in taking up responsibilities. You look sad today, I muttered while watching you. You were busy looking at your phone. I wonder if there’s someone making you sad. I wonder if you have someone in your mind. All this, every day. I always wonder.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Hey, I never taught that I’ll have a chance chatting you. It sounded impossible, but now it’s happening. But still, I have no progress to the things I wonder most about you. And this is killing me. I can’t even control myself when you are around. It feels like your presence is enough to control me. You rule my world. I can see that now. You are a royalty in my ragged eyes.

I want this to go on. I want this talks, these late night talks not to stop. And now the world is asking me to risk everything. To bet on this. That I might have a chance on you. I want to but I just can’t. Oh God, I really like you so bad.

P.S. I want to be part of you. Because you already have a part of me. It sounds silly, that I’m writing you this. Not knowing if this letter will ever reach you. But I wonder more if my feelings will ever come to reach you.

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