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Remember the time when I asked you to stay away from him and to back off? But you DIDN’T.

I remembered you telling me that there is “NOTHING” going on between you two and that I should not worry. Stupid as shit – I believe in you. CONGRATULATIONS. Job well done!

NOW – You are the who’s being cheated on and you’re the one who can’t sleep peacefully at night.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

“KARMA IS A BITCH” – A very common phrase but is REAL. Whatever you did to someone will eventually come back to you. You even said that it’s him who’s pursuing you. Oh God you are a victim of your own mind.

What’s the sense of asking me if we are still together and that he told you that we broke up a long time ago? I did tell you that we are okay. That we are trying to survive the LDR and again to BACK OFF as we are trying to fix the issues.

You even MOCKED me because of my past, because I am a single mom. Well I hope until the end; your sperm donor won’t leave you the same way he did to me. Because when the time comes, and you don’t have a choice but to raise your child alone, you will realize that mocking on single moms is not a good idea.

I hope you won’t experience what he did to me, leaving me in just a snap and without giving any reason at all. And that nobody will tell you “I told you so”.

“JUST MOVE ON GIRL AND ACCEPT THE FACT THAT HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE. AND I CANNOT FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN TRULY LOVE ME BECAUSE I AM A SINGLE MOM” – That’s what you said proudly. I hope you won’t feel the pain that I felt when you both cheated on me. I wish you happiness and loyalty from the man who cannot even be true to himself.

Thank you for being the instrument for me to really know and experience what real happiness means and that is without the guy you stole from me.

Thank you for taking him away from me. The man who cannot respect and be true to his partner.

Thank you for being the instrument of finding the real ME. For making me LOVE me and RESPECT myself again.

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