You enter my life with an amazing impression. You were very passionate in pursuing your dreams in life, never get tired in doing things ’till there’s a result. You were thoughtful, loving, sweet and always make time for us. You were the guy that every woman wants. Well, I can say that I’m a lucky girl.

But sometimes life doesn’t go along in our way. When your parents decided to pursue their annulment, things started going downhill. From the very start I knew you came from a problematic family though it did not affect me directly but it hit me hard knowing what you’ve going through. You became unhappy, too serious dealing with everything to the point that you destroyed your own dreams instead of building them up. You also came to a point wherein you started losing passion on things you used to love doing.You were so broken. The financial and emotional problems became unbearable.

Despite of what you have going through, I remain faithful to you. I remain faithful to my promises that whatever happens I will always be there for you, to support you, to care for you and to love you. Friends you’ve counted leave you without explanation and without traces. You started to pushed me away in your life and tortured me everyday with your merciless and harsh words. But I endured it, I still sit beside you through your darkness and loneliness and trying to lead you to the light but maybe I wasn’t good enough.

I used to be your soundboard. All your pain, struggles, and brokenness in life was drowning me. You have left your burdens at my expense because you were too afraid to face it. You had an anxiety which was so hard for me to deal with because I had mine too. There were days that I got tired. I maybe got tired of being your soundboard, I am so exhausted. I forgot to live my life. I forgot to value myself. I forgot that I have my own problems and struggles too because I was too busy trying so hard to fixed yours. But I can’t. There were times that I’m speechless and I cannot do anything about your problems because they’re more of a family problem.

Lately I realized who am I to fixed your broken life? There is a God the most powerful of all and only He can, only Him no other than. I have had a countless prayers I yelled to God. I cry it loud unto the Lord. I prayed for your protection, your happiness, and for your peace.

Still here I am, waiting and praying for your healing.