To the man she will fall in love with


To the man she will fall in love with,
What’s up, man?
I’m writing you this letter to reassure you that the woman you’re about to fall in love with is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known.
She is more than just a pearl to be shown.
She’s a gem worth keeping because her beauty radiates not only from the outside, but also from within.
Please do not cause her to cry.
She’s as delicate as a rose petal. Make an effort to make her smile every day. She will cherish it for as long as she is with you.
Consider her whenever you are tempted.
Don’t let her go. She’ll fold it a thousand times for how much love you’ll offer her… and be returned to you
When she is about to let go of you, embrace her close and hug her as much as you can. You are about to lose the heavenly wealth.
When she is crying, wipe her tears. When she’s down, kiss her on the cheek. Confirm your presence to her.
Under the moonlight, dance with her. Let the sound of the ocean waves and the breeze be the night’s sonata.
Present her with flowers. Not just one, or two, or three, but a slew of them.
Give her a bunch of flowers.
Give her everything you’ve got. Do not let the dying times pass without letting her know how special she is.
Make every moment with her memorable. She will treasure every detail of it.
Write a poem for her and serenade her.
I swear to you, man
She is the most wonderful woman you could ever have.
Do not even consider losing her.
She is fantastic.
Her enticing eyes are the marbles from which the skies are fashioned.
Her lips are the lips of angels. And they’re like magnets that drew my lips in.
Her voice is like a song that conveys a nighttime story.
Every time I hear it, it makes me feel better when I’m sleeping.
Her hair sways in the June breeze like gold strands.
Her hands hold a secure grip on her heart.
If only I had a heart as strong as David’s, I might be able to defeat my Goliath of fears…
And maybe I’ll be glad to have her by my side.
But that is not my fate, nor is it our fate.
love her with an everlasting love

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