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It started with your simple gestures and words that made me overthink; I was deeply surprised by your subtle moves and perhaps the reason why my heart keeps on looking for some clarification. 

I was doing fine in my little world until you shaken up my heart and made it skip a beat. Some people would probably say that I’m too vulnerable for that and maybe that someone is just fooling around, trying to flirt with you for a bit but nothing serious about it. 

As much as I want to believe in my gut feel that he likes me too and maybe he’s just afraid of rejection, my mind contradicts every what if, and keeps on telling me to stop because if he really likes you he will make a way and will not make you confuse just like what you are feeling right now. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

And maybe that’s the reason why God put our brain higher than our heart and our gut, because we need to think first before allowing our heart and our gutfeel to decide. Unless you prove and clear your intention, I won’t believe any of it now and If by chance that I got mislead by your actions again, I’ll try to remind myself to always stick with the rule “don’t assume unless otherwise stated”.

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