To you who we badly daydream of,

No matter how happy we are today with or without our significant others, we cannot deny the fact that there was once an instance where we bumped with you who we laid our eyes on, well, not just for a split of a second but for quite a time.

Some girls got the luck to exchange sweet moments with you or perhaps luckier enough to spend the rest of their lifetime with you. However, there were also girls who, vulnerable as they were, were made as best friend, special girl, one night stand girl, heroine type girl, rich-to-buy-all girl, homework-maker girl, and a lot more in a lot of situations.

No one can contend how full of hope, life, and love we were when we met you. It seemed like we didnt get tired of waiting for you to pass by and wave your hand to the chick-looking girl beside us. Those were the days that to love you was enough and to be loved in return was just an added bonus. It got harder for us to be around you just because we had this feeling for you but still, we longed to be always by your side.

We enjoyed your company and by just looking at you in a distant was damn so self-satisfying that we couldnt stop from daydreaming. It’s like the venom got into every tiny nerves of our brain and wrapped our heart. We couldnt live the day without a thought of you thinking if we ever cross your mind.

And the days passed until another year and a couple of years took over, still, we found ourselves in the same place. And you, had freely left without knowing what we felt. You had left for good or left to stay with your love. There’s no pain like you leaving our sight, but what else should have been done, when telling you we love you since then, was of no help. Too late would have been and the chance had gone dead.

We may have been selfish for loving you secretly, but we can only regret. Regret in a way that we find no courage to appear as who we are for you. It is not a matter of how you also feel for us, it is a matter of unloading the secret we carry in our hearts. Time to be free to love again another man.

Now, we have moved on for the better. The secret of love we kept for a long time is thrown into the vast of thin air. It is good to know that we know what we are capable of. Leaving behind our love for you and loving now the person who taught us to love anew. You are by no reason forgotten. You are and always be remembered as the man who broke our heart, but taught us how to make it braver.

Until here, please know that we are happier than we could ever imagine. Hope we’ll see each other again.


From us, who learned that

true love comes by waiting.

N.B. : photo not mine