To the Man who was Unsure



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Dear You,

Thank you for the times you were there.
Thank you for the memories you left.
Thank you for the laughter and sadness.
Thank you for the stories in my book you flipped. 
Thank you for you loved me, maybe.
But above all, thank you for not being sure about me.

As swiftly as the wind blows, 
As fast as the heart beats, 
As quick as the eye blinks, 
You faded into memories. 
You left for me not to see. 
You blurred yourself from me.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It paved way for me to be free. 
It gave me more perspective in life to see. 
It pushed me to become a better version of me. 
It was a story untold left with words unread. 
It was a pursuit unsure of the time ahead. 
But in reality I was led.

The reality that I’ll never be your reason to smile. 
The reality of always having you from miles. 
The reality that you exist just for a while. 
It was something we can never retrieve.
It was something we concealed.
But now, it doesn’t matter.

For I’m better off without you.
For I’m living more without you.
For I’m loving more of me without you.
So, thank you for being you.
Thank you for not staying.
Thank you for not being sure.

Yes. It hurt me for a while. I’d be a hypocrite if I’d say that it wasn’t painful. But I’m happier that I was preserved. So much better than before. 



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