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To the one who’s smiles are my happiness
To the one who’s laughter are my joy
To the one whom I gave my all
To the one who broke me

Every day was so full of life with you
Every jokes, every times that we spent
Are all part of the wonderful little world
That we both share
It was nothing but pure joy
But that was all in the past

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As time goes by all laughter turned to tears
Every moment spent was more toxic that what I feared
Every words I say you twist it all away
Understanding was lost you lost it day by day
As every thing was going cold you chose to go away
But I always want to be there and stay

It was all nothing but borrowed time
Because as time goes by nothing is fine
Broken pieces was all that was left
All you ever think of was yourself

As I wrote this piece
I thought of all the kiss
That was given when we’re still a world
Who gave promise that we’ll love each other until we’re old

Goodbye my love to the one who does not care
I’ll be putting myself together and help myself up
Cause now, all I wanted is for this toxicity to stop

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