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When I first met you, you acted like we were close and has always been calling me by my first name because we were only two years apart and I was a grade older. As time pass by, I started to like you and I thought you were liking me too. I was wrong. You were only nice to me because you liked my friend. The whole time we were hanging she was the only thing in your mind. I kinda regret that day that I happily asked you who was your crush. I assumed it was me but it was not. Later that day, you started calling me “ate” that made me feel uncomfortable. So I started pushing you away cause I was hurt. The day finally came that you asked me what was wrong and I told you I liked you. And acted like everything is normal. I hated that. The next days were horrible because you started talking about my friend and you.

To this little boy,

I hope you will be happy having this one sided love. Never ever call out my name again. Always find happiness but never talk to other girls like you like them because they would assume just like how you did with me. Never give other girls a head start if you do not like them. Do not talk with them every day until late at night.