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I hope you prioritize your heart over someone else’s eyes. I hope you give the same love to yourself that you are so willing to give to others. I hope you say all the kind words you always hope to hear from others. I hope you nourish your mind and soul with the right amount of patience and warmth. I hope you remember that you are fully known, fully loved, and fully seen by the King of kings. Treasure your heart and give it to the One who is surely capable of loving it so when He sees the right one for you, you won’t worry because He always chooses the best. Surely He will give it to the one who is capable enough to protect and love its intricacies.

While waiting honor Him, love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. He always pursues you, inhale His grace and live a life that is pleasing to Him. Enjoy your intimate fellowship with God until you realize that His love is more than enough each day. Pursue your purpose for His glory. Perhaps God is still removing some weaknesses, unbelief, and insecurities deep within.

Maximize your season, serve while you’re young. Enjoy your journey as a single person, love and embrace your inmost being, fill your cup, and nourish yourself. In this time that pursuing romantic relationships seem superficial, finding a partner seems like buying stuff from online shops. May you always raise beyond the norm. May you hope and pray to pursue genuine relationships who desire pure intentions, who is committed for a bigger purpose.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

May you testify to the young ones that waiting upon the Lord is the most beautiful thing while praying for a suitable counterpart. He knows the one you exactly needed to fulfill His purpose, the one who can be your prayer partner, ministry partner, and life partner. The one who is ready to go in war with you and to fight battles. And when that person comes, you won’t doubt anymore, there will be no question marks, no what-ifs, and no whys because He will give you peace that surpasses understanding and that one is the one He created precisely to fill the gaps between your fingers, someone who will make your burden and baggage lighter. The one who won’t complete you instead will add more meaning, joy, and purpose in your life, the one who can be your safe space in this world full of uncertainties. So leave the soul that always make you feel hunted, there’s so much more of ahead of you.

Choose to wait and choose to believe. May you testify that there are still men and women in this generation who still desire a genuine commitment and Christ-centered relationship.

Keep the faith! Take heart.

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