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How to forgive the person who hurt you so much, cheating behind your knowledge. He honestly tell all his mistakes and ask for forgiveness and one last chance. How to consider himself towards me. I actually thinking to how to forgive him despite of the lies that he made. He was my lover my best friend and soulmate, he’s there when my life is upside down when I battling with my cancer. He’s the first person that I loved this much and felt me the same way I crave for a long time from my past relationship. The real love the unconditional love, but when we got into LDR some things change. He do the mistake that I can’t imagine that he will do. BTW we are in different culture, different religion and nationality.

I was struggling this days, I don’t know if he really deserves a second chance, forgiveness and my love but not totally the trust that he ruined.

I still love him, he still love me and begging me to stay and forgive him. I know he’s sincere and feel sorry for what he’s done and promising me that it will not happen again. Swear to God and with all his courage to take all the blame and responsibility.

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But it’s hard to trust it again.

What I need to do? Help me please.

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