The first time you told me that you love me, the idea let loose all the butterflies and sent chills down to my spine. It baffled me at first. I even asked myself could it really be possible that you’ve already distinguished what love is about in a definite span of time with a capricious woman like me. Natakot ako bigla kase baka mag end up ulit na ako na naman ang iiyak at masasaktan sa huli. Then I remebered how you would always look me in the eye, how you would fill spaces between our fingers, the warm and tight hugs and light kisses – the reminiscing let the stormy anxiety in me be vanished forever- but more than these physical affection, a deeper realization hit me.

Why should I worry?

In the first place, ‎you are the man who asked me from God through his prayers. You are that eager yet patient man who waited for God’s perfect time to pursue me – a man who’s not afraid of commitment.
‎You who would rather choose love over pride, a man who joins me and includes me in his prayers.
‎You placed God in the center of our relationship and rested in Him its purity and sincerity.
‎You returned to me the love, loyalty and respect I gladly offered to you and exceeded its degree and value.
‎We are never perfect but a relationship built by His grace and love, as I humbly believe, will always be persevering.
‎Every woman in this world deserves such an established, spiritually and emotionally, man like you and I must humbly admit I’m too blessed to have you.
‎Lo and behold, you are my 1 Corinthian 13 kind of love.