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” You are graciously designed to love and be loved. “
Maybe you’re sometimes in denial of what you feel. How hard you try to hide it and ignore it in your mind, you cannot deny the fact that there’s a portion in your heart that longs for an Eros kind of love; a romantic one, unless you are planning to be single for a lifetime. It’s okay. It’s a personal choice, anyway.
But you can admit it too. Allow yourself to be free and feel what you really want to feel. Give your heart the freedom of expression. To express with your words what your heart couldn’t speak. It allows you to see the beauty of the inside. You are also able to evaluate and set the right desires that your heart must have.
There’s a part of you that is excited about the idea that someday, you will meet somebody out there who will give you his time to listen to your every word. Someone who will understand you but won’t tolerate all the things you do. He knows what to do when you are lost and confused, he will encourage you. When you are doing the wrong way, he will gently correct you, with love. When you are having a rough and tough day, he’s there with you and is ready to help you carry the burdens right away.
He will stay in love with you despite your daily flaws and imperfections. He will motivate and cheer you up to be better than who you were yesterday instead of making critical judgments against you. He will help you embrace the healing process of your soul caused by the pains of your past. He will love you the way you deserve.
But I want to remind you, that He’s not the one who will complete you and fill the emptiness inside you. Know that there are things that are beyond man’s control, things that only the Lord can. But being a gentle and caring man, he’s the one who will remind you and gently lead you to that truth.
Please don’t be tired of waiting for your future man, a real one. A man who will complete your love story, who will fill the gaps between your fingers. A man who will ask for your permission if he can kiss you on your forehead and. A man of respect and righteousness. A man who loves and honors God’s heart more than he loves and honors yours.
Dear, it’s nice to fall in love –to love and be loved especially when you know and you are so sure that you already have the man of your prayers in the right season, at the right timing. A man who is designed for you. That when the Lord created him, He thought of you.
Be still in the waiting. Don’t chase him. Allow him to find you and pursue you the right way. Guard your heart as you wait for him. Pursue purity and faithfulness as an act of your commitment, protection, honor, and love for him.

Be faithful as you pray for your soon-to-be-answered prayer. Keep your hopes that he too is doing the same. He’s waiting and is praying for you. Someday, he’ll find you — the man who is ordained to be with you up to the last chapters of your God-written love story. Be patient as you wait for him.
While you are waiting for your ‘rest’ and at the same time will be the source of your stress, your soon-to-be lover/best friend/helping partner to come home with you, continue to grow and glow in grace. Bloom wherever you are planted. Choose to be productive and fruitful as you maximize your season right at this time.
Delight in the beauty of waiting. Be patient in the woman you are becoming — a best friend – to girlfriend- to-wife material—an ideal one.

The more you enjoy and maximize your singleness, the more you will appreciate the beauty of that thing called ‘love’.
And when your most awaited moment comes, the both of you could say ” We deserve each other. I’m glad that I didn’t rush and chose to wait for you, for us. There were delays but there are no regrets. It was all worth it. “
Aim for a kind of relationship that is not perfect but is pure, true, and firmly rooted and grounded by the Love of the Father. A love and life story that will last a lifetime.
The right love will find you. You are worth the risks. Remember that.

— And hey!

Whatever valid reasons you have that resulted in your singleness, believe that God will turn it for good! Things will work together for your good. Remind yourself of this truth: In Him, you are fully known and loved. He is your greatest portion.

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May the Love that loved you first be your greatest portion and motivation to go through as you keep on moving and even failing forward while waiting for the right time.

If you can’t trace His hands, you can always choose to trust His heart. The heart of the One who loved you first, and called you His beloved– your first love, Jesus.

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