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You may be afraid to love again and entrust your heart to someone. You may have been beaten down by your past heartbreaks. You think that true love is hard to find. You are so careful not to fall for someone. You closed the door of your heart. You were too terrified. Your relationship heartaches were more than just nightmares. They were traumatizing; causing you to view love in a dark perspective. Your heart was filled with bitterness and anger, until you realized that your heart was frigid as ice. It was shattered into pieces. It became lifeless. They stole your heart, then tore it apart.  

But dear woman, please keep your hopes up. You are a princess who deserves to be loved. You deserve to be pursued by a man who has pure intentions. You are a precious jewel that needs to be discovered. There is joy in waiting. You may feel that the waiting game is too long. You may feel that your heart is tired of loving again. But remember this: you could be whole again. View your heartbreaks as your life lessons that led you to where you are right now. You may be tempted to compromise your dignity. You may be giving in easily to any man who shows affection. But hey, please be sure of what you feel. Be open but protective. 

You may be pressured by your age, your situation, or the people around you. But love doesn’t have a time table. It comes in the least expected ways. So, put your trust in the Lord and let Him work for you. His timing is different and hard to comprehend. You’ll know that in the end, it is all worth it.  

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To the woman who became tired of love, never lose hope! Because for sure, someone is meant for you. Make the most out of your single life. Know yourself first. Know God’s heart before anything else. It would surely lead you to the right person, at the right time.

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