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Dear You,
I have only kind words left to the good man that you are to me after all these years. My heart is filled with peace and hope and I can only impart with you love and deep respect of what we had and the good memories we shared. I choose to look back only on the good things, and the not-so-good, I am sure we both know now how we could have handled it better and charged it to life lessons we’ll use along the way.
First of all, I want to thank you for being brave enough to tell me that our boat is sinking and that we should go on our own separate ways before we completely drown. You were able to do something I was so weak and afraid to do – to let go of something once so beautiful, but no longer helping us grow.
Second, I am grateful for all the pure and genuine love you have shown me all these years. I am very lucky to have met and be loved by someone like you. Those were the best moments of intimacy, friendship and adventures that we shared.
Thirdly, I want you to know that I am sorry, I wasn’t mature enough to have handled the ups and downs of our relationship then. For all the wrong and hurtful things we weren’t able to fight right for each other, may you forgive yourself as I would mine.
Lastly, We’ll never know what the future brings but I believe what happened between us is how it was always meant to be, although this is not how we have seen it coming. We needed to grow up and learn our own lessons in our own separate ways. The new chapter in our lives are about to unfold and I wish you well. You are a good person and you deserve the best this life has to offer, and so am I.
What we had once made us, now broke us and soon will heal us to become who we are meant to be. Our road together has ended.
It was great knowing you. This has been a wonderful journey of love and friendship and if we ever see each other again, I’ll always remember how beautiful the love we had shared and smile.
Goodbye, You.

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