Sometimes, I imagine you were my pillow in bed or my blankie on a cold night but you end up showing in a dream… your lips all over my skin or still in a dream, you are holding me so sincerely tight and your eyes make love to mine.

    How your warm love and sweet smile melt all the clouds away. You always find me at home… like we already live together since… we look like husband and wife dining with our children. Six of them all in the kitchen.

    The #darvey scenes remind me of you… and I… of US!

    While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

    How beautiful and divine is this love we found, heartbeat? Despite the distance and time together, issues, there is nothing a love like this!

    Your heart is my home and your love is my heaven! I am mostly drunk of shots of thoughts of you in my day and drunk again with pops of kisses in the half asleep moments of my life as Mr Moon reappears in my skies.

    Aaahhh, can you imagine how long has this love affair in my head been going on!? You have become my infinite shots of lingering bliss. Leaving me in a bubble of love that’s about to burst with a thousand mist of hearts from above!


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