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There are four kinds of love that we will have to go through in our life.
First one is the puppy love. This love is the most innocent kind of love. Just pure love between two young hearts. A love that feels like everything will be alright, a love that feels like fantasy.
Second is the love that will break you. This love will make you rethink the definition of love. It will make you redefine the meaning of love. That love is not all fantasy. In other words this love will teach you reality. It will break you down but when you conquer the pain you’ll be more careful and be more cautious on who will you give your heart.
Third is the love you didn’t expect. This is the kind of love that you will not expect. You just met this person and you though that it’s nothing but time goes by he/she will teach you to fall in love again. He/she will make your heart beat once again. Butterflies in stomach. Blushy face. And he/she will make you dream again. Once more, you will gamble again.
The fourth and final one is the love that will make you wish that you have the power to turn back time. Turn back all the time that is wasted for the wrong person. You’ll wish that you can turn back all of that and after turning back the time you’ll look for this person again and again and again until the time comes that you will meet him/her.

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