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How do you forget someone who grated your heart like a block of cheese?

Such a bliss when you get to include your unending talks to your every day routine, even in your prayers or by the mere way you visualize talking to them when they’re not available. We get attached too easily all because of us, constantly creating memories that could only live in our heads. We thought we couldn’t trust anyone yet, we thought we are complacent enough that we learn just how to say NO to them. Yet little do we know, by us allowing them to enter our minds, we are already giving them the chance to entrust our feelings. What do we do when these people break that trust? We get disappointed, we feel bad about ourselves, we think little of our worth, we question ourselves if we would ever be enough for someone. All these negative things add up to being sad all day and to making us feel restless. What happened to the unceasing smiles when we look at each other’s screens? What happened to the smoldering heat of emotions when we talk about our exciting plans?

How easy is it to let go of something you didn’t even have, to start with? How do you give up when you know you could’ve fight for it still? But how do you fight for it when he’s proudly being unapologetic? Do you just let it pass and become the dumb one? Or maybe he’s just one unapologetically dumb who’s not deserving enough for the battle you were willing to fight for.