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I once liked someone whom I considered a life saver. I have nearly forgotten Him during the past few months, and I have been pre-occupied with a lot of sudden changes in my life – probably the phase of adulting. But then, someone made me believe in Him again. We never talked. We always see each other but we never had much conversation. I just listened to whatever song/musician he liked. I watched films he watched. I tried to fit in his life style. I even started talking to God again because of him. I cried hard every night, asking God to give him the happiness he deserved. And there was this one moment where I already knew, we can never be and will never be together. I expected to cry, but no tears were shed. Surprisingly, I felt happy. I liked him so much that even when we’re apart, all I wish is to see him laugh and smile even though it’s not because of me. For the next days, I just listened to worship songs and made extra time with family and friends. And I realized, when you have God in your life, you will never feel alone. You will realize that you were never really broken but you are always whole – because you have God. I may be lost, but I knew God sent him for me to take the right path again. He was not for me, but I do not regret meeting him. He may not care for me enough but knowing him is simply one of the best plot twists of my life. Someone is destined for me, and while I am in the process of waiting for that second one, I will take my life giving praises to The One! I love You so much, Jesus! 😭🙌

I pray for whoever has emotional or mental problems right now, time will come that we will not feel burdened anymore. That we will all join Him in His Kingdom. That we will always be loved and cherished by the our Almighty Saviour. And just like what our priest always tells us, all things are beautiful in God’s perfect time. ❤💯

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