A cold September night.
Rain falls and my heart is so tight.
I can’t say I miss you,
So as I love you.

She owns you and you will never be mine.
She needs you and I told you its fine.
You told me you are tired already.
But I keep on sayin’ never give up on her easily.

Damn me, I thought it would be easy
Letting you go without sayin’ any
I could slap myself for being a good pretender.
Now that you are back with her, I know when to surrender.

If I could kiss you in the rain on this night of September.
If only I could hoax the time and be together.
If only we meet earlier,
I will risk and promise you my forever.

Now I understand unconditional love.
By letting someone find his own happiness.
To see his genuine smile to someone who remove his sadness.
To see him happy in the arms of his true love.

when you read this or maybe you will not.
You always have a special place inside my heart.
Maybe we separate ways and happy with someone we loved but,
I will always remember a genuine man like you.