All my life, I have always struggled with my feelings. Whenever I love someone, it was always rough and difficult to bear. It seems like the trials never end. But as I became blind with my emotions, I endured all of it anyway. Each day was a challenge. I knew I was on the wrong path. Everything seems okay at first, but I always end up crying afterwards. Then one day, I said to myself that I will wait for the time when I could feel that love will be smooth. A love that brings pure happiness and happy thoughts. A love that would never bring me down. A love that will make me realize that I am precious and treasured. A love that will never make me question my worth.

I don’t want to fight with fate anymore. I don’t want to push myself to someone who was really never meant for me. I have realized that I went through all of the hurt because I forced everything to happen. Back then, I was the only one who had the guts to love someone unconditionally. But when you came, the fight was over. You fought for me and you chose to throw away your fears. You faced everything with boldness and courage. That was the moment I knew that you were the one for me. I can’t explain how it happened, but you entered my life in the most unpredictable way. You showed me the love that I don’t have to defend, because everything falls into place. You made me realize that love could be so magical and true.

So if loving you feels easy, then it is meant to be. I won’t be afraid anymore. I won’t hold back, because I saw pure love in your eyes. Maybe I had to go through all of the pain, so I’ll know how happiness and wholeness feels. I had to lose myself, so I can find it again with you. The love that I knew before was tiring and stressful. But you removed all of those thoughts away. Right now, my heart is always calm and at peace because I know that this love was not forced and hidden. And now I am in tears. Not because of the pain anymore, but because of the joy that you bring. Now I can truly say that this love was truly meant for me.