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Sorry I had your hopes set high

Sending signals I couldn’t deny

But what I see is a good companion

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Not that thing- that’s forever in union

Sorry, I am fond of making you smile

Taking our conversations into another mile

I tried to go deeper, I admit.

But beyond friendship? I can’t commit.

Sorry, defrauding you is not my intention

Crossing the boundary is not my desire

In my immaturity, I needed attention

I tend to seek someone to draw me from mire

Sorry, I’m at fault, I allowed you to invest

Your time, your strength, your emotions above the rest

Making phone calls, text messages, and unnecessary chats,

It’s okay, I thought, “Everyone does that.”

Sorry, I’m sorry, I know my responsibility

I didn’t clear out that there’s just you and there’s just me,

I wasn’t careful with my actions- it was so ambiguous

So I want to say sorry for the things that makes you think there’s an us.

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