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What will you do with a neglected pain?

When the one who hurt you disregards what you are feeling.

When that person didn’t even know the depth of the hurt he instilled in you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When you were left without even a word of ‘Sorry’.

Here’s what we will do…

Love, we will admit this pain in ourselves. We will never deny it. We will be brave to face the offense. We are done pretending “I am okay, It’s okay”, because the truth is we are not.

We will bring this to Him. We will cry and we will surrender. We will release all the hurt on bended knees. And after pouring out the raw tears, we will be in silent and we will listen. So He can remind us who we truly are. That we are most attractive when we choose to love and trust. That is your gift sweetheart, there’s so much love brimming on you.

We will choose to forgive. I understand that it is not easy, seems too good to be true. But we will do this. After all, it is a decision, not an emotion. Forgiveness is beautiful. Reward yourself with that kind of beauty. Make them wonder why you can easily choose to forgive, then point it to Him.

We will choose to learn. Pain is a friend. If you know how to get along with it, growth is a sure result. It will stretch your maturity. It actually makes you discover the things you are capable of. Come, let’s write all the lessons in the tablet of our hearts.

We will heal in His Presence.

Love, this I promise you, no pain is greater than He who is in you.

Someone may fail to recognize that hurt, but trust that Jesus is weeping with you.

He knows you.

You are worthy.

You are still loved.

One day, you can look into those eyes again, remembering what happened, but without pain.

And you will just smile back. Genuinely.

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