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Deeper bond has started to sprout.
I now have someone to vent my feelings out.
You even cheer me up when my days aren’t merry
My friend, I thought this stuff was healthy.

You share your favorite music and movies
You talk about your weaknesses and strengths
When I share mine, you take time to hear
You’re creating these butterflies I couldn’t bear.

Time passes by and I never knew
That I seem to long and seek for you
Your presence, your chats, I started to miss
Even listening to your voice, was such a bliss.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I wanted to end this, I wanted to stop
These endless talks and playful acts
I’m in conflict, my heart is at war.
Maybe I’m wrong, I’m taking things far.

So I decided to back off and ignore you,
But things get mixed and my infatuation grew.
I’m afraid I would lose such a great friend.
So confrontations for me, is not a trend.

To conclude our friendship, I cannot.
Is this because I like you? I think it’s not.
Maybe I’m just getting a little attached
Because our likes & dislikes did really matched.

A ship is starting to cruise, they say.
But I think it’s cruising in the other way.
Neither me nor you, nor the people should steer.
It must be the great Pilot who will take it to veer.

I don’t want a green light, no, not with you.
I wanted the right man to put on the shoe.
I’m praying for him, and I don’t have a single clue
As to what he is doing, and how’s his heart too.

Nevertheless, I don’t want the second best
So, I wanted myself to be put to test,
To be searched by God and know my heart.
I’m strongly convinced this is where I should start.

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