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I am sitting here with you, without uttering a word. Here we go again. An indication of impending quarrel. For the hundred times, my heart feels like crushing into pieces.. I don’t know if I’m starting to feel anxious again or tired of this cycle. But honestly, I’m so so tired that I just want to shut my eyes. So tired of thinking how worst things  might turn out again. I’m so tired to be the villain in your story.  I’m tired of trying and trying and trying to be someone you expect me too..

How I hope you could understand things in my perspective too. But the more I try.. the more I come near… the more you go away. It terrifies me to know your slowly drifting away.. seeing the way you look at me changes and how your warm hands turn so cold..  I know it is selfish for me not to let you go. But I hope you could understand that letting go of someone you love, someone you planned your future with and became a part of you is a hard task to do. I hope I could just throw away everything and walk away like you do. But this heart of mine keeps longing for you.


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