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The world is stating different LOVE LANGUAGES, but all of these are meaninglessmeaningless. Haha. Maybe God allowed this weird creature and that is me had a lovelife (past tense) to really experience it and not just ponder this romantic love theoretically hahaha.

Look, yes, all of the love languages could make you feel important, significant, like your existence suddenly become meaningful. It could make you feel appreciated and loved… for a certain time. And after experiencing all, these are still not enough. These cannot satisfy. These can never satisfy. At the very end, it is empty. It is like a tunnel without a light at the end, dark and nothingness. Human form of love is empty. It can never give bread to satisfy the hunger, it can never give water to quench the thirst. It has an end. It has limit.

God allowed me to try to communicate in the form of  human love language and because of my eagerness to love hahaha I did my best to speak this language but still I am misunderstood and worst, I was not really seen and I was not really heard. Instead of communicating, I am creating a barrier. Hahaha. Picture this like this, as I talk, I am building a wall using bricks, the more I communicate, the taller the wall I am building. I am not seen, I cannot see the other side also. I am not heard, I cannot hear the other side also. What a mess Lord, right? Hahahaha. And the wall that I am building becomes taller and taller that it reaches the heaven where my God is (sorry Lord for bothering you with the wall) so God intervenes and just laugh how silly I am, gently showing me my foolishness. 😁

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The Lord showed me how focus I am following what the world is saying and just waited for my wall to be that tall for  Him to point out that I am out of focus.

How did He showed me that I am out of focus? Simple, by showing His glorious Self. He simply showed to me Himself. The glory of God is so bright and powerful that with His light I can see light. I can see clearly what I have been foolishly doing. Hehe. Thank You Lord.

It is not easy to explain everything but God wants me to better leave the explanation to Him by Him saying,


The one and only true love language of the universe.

Thank You Holy Spirit for writing this. All glory and praise to You my God.

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