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There are so many words God could have described what Love is.

Like love is amazing, love is happiness, love is fulfilling, and many many wonderful adjectives. But God did not say any of those words…

Instead, He first said that “love is patient. ”¬† What?!? Patient? What a boring word, right? Where is the thrill in that word?

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And why was it the first adjective He used in describing love? I keep wondering and asking God, why patience?

Then, suddenly, God is giving me many trials, many problems, many obstacles and I never thought that I will complain a lot, that I will complain everyday, that I am a whiner. I am HATING all. I am hating my life.
Then… the word ‘patient’ came into my mind. Oh patience! Oh LOVE IS PATIENT!

That’s why I am full of hate and not love because I do not have patience in everything.

I do not have patience in hard people. I do not have patience in understanding all of the people that God gave to me. I do not have patience to persevere, to endure all the sufferings in my life.
Then I prayed to God to teach me how to be patient.

As I prayed this word, God is giving life to it. God is opening my mind and heart to another world where patience is a really a good thing, where patience is thrilling, where patience is not boring anymore. In that world, patience is a road. A road where there are so many breathtaking views along it. I am seeing happiness as well experiencing joy. I am feeling true unfailing love. Oh the road to true pure love is patience! Love is patient! Thank You Lord for the joy of being patient. Allow me to be patient forever because I cannot do it without You enabling me everyday. I humbly surrender to Your will, Lord. In dear Jesus name I pray, amen.

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