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I can’t find any words
that can describe how grateful I am
to meet someone like you…

We may not belong to each other
but seeing you everyday is enough for me to be inspired to get up and face this hell of life. It’s not love. It’s a deep admiration of the way you are. My mind is almost occupied by you that I almost forgot to call it my own. Geez. What am I thinking. I’m just a nobody. Just a nobody that you encounter everyday. But you know what? You always made my day though I rarely see you smile or most of the time you never smile.
We are two souls with different path but with the same shattered pieces. I may not know you so well but I can feel your dispirited melancholy.
How I wish that I met you in different timeline where I can be the reason of your smile. Where I can hugged you while you silently scream.

I think for now, you will be an inspiration when my mind is playing with the words that I cannot

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