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I hope you will have the patience to wait a little more and have the courage to pursue the woman you’ve been praying for. Your effort is not in vain. Your desire to serve God first and do your purpose makes you more attractive. I hope you continue breaking the norm that guys aren’t faithful and trustworthy. In this time, when boundaries don’t matter and have been neglected, I’m glad you are honoring and protecting the purity of a lady in the same manner that you value your parents.

I hope you continue to prove that chivalry isn’t dead; you can still open doors not only to pretty ladies but also to the elderly and even to breastfeeding moms. You can still date and walk at night with pure intentions and motives. You are true to your feelings and words: fighting the temptations in fervent prayers and beating your silent battles with God’s Words. You make a stand when it’s necessary and take the lead in solving problems. You ask council from mature people around you before making decisions.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Your obedience to God brings blessings and rewards as you wait in His time, and by His grace, He will give you the missing part of your ribs; a suitable counterpart and helper. The woman you exactly needed, the woman that is precisely meant for you, and the woman He has been preparing for you. The woman who is gentle, secure, and at rest in her spirit. The woman of noble character.

Aren’t you praying for this kind of woman?

So right now be the kind of man for this kind of woman.

And finally, you can say “good guys finish well.”

Be strong and courageous. You’ll make it, take heart!

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