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It is a sunny Saturday afternoon. I sit here in my favorite coffee shop watching people around me. Somehow, this has become a hobby of mine – to watch ordinary people going about their daily lives.

To my left, I see this group of friends all too focused on one girl who’s seemingly going through something – a huge breakup perhaps, and you can see that this group purposely scheduled this meet-up just to be there for her. To my right, a mother with her children, all of them too busy with their phones and books to talk with each other, I gather that they might be waiting for daddy to be done with a weekend meeting in that very same coffee shop.

And all around me, I see couples – young and old, likely out on a date. Of course, who wouldn’t be? It is Valentine’s Day and it is the weekend.

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So, what am I doing alone on Valentine’s day, you ask? Well, I am taking myself out on a date.

For too long, I have also asked myself that same question, “WHY AM I ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY? WHY DON’T I GET A DATE?”   I have wanted someone special to spend not only Valentine’s day with but also the rest of my life. I would ask myself (and God) why do I have to spend such a special day still single?aw3

And recently, I have found an answer to those never-ending questions of mine. “WHY NOT?”

Yes! Why not? Who says that I cannot be alone on Valentine’s day and still be happy and contented? Who says that you need a date on Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s is not all about the romance and dates. Yes, it is a special day for couples, I won’t take that away from them. But for me, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate LOVE and all of its forms.

You see that group of friends a few tables away from me, that is LOVE. The family to my right? Yes, that is also LOVE.

Until recently, I did not realize that LOVE HAS MANY FORMS. I have been too focused on romantic love too much that I thought I did not have love without it, therefore, I spent so much time looking for it everywhere and perhaps in the wrong places.

Seeing people my age (and even those younger than me) entering a relationship made me question why has it not happened for me yet. But now, I realize that I do not need to be in a relationship to experience love. I have love all around me – in my friends, my family, and most of all, in me.

I have the love of God in me.

I still would very much love to meet someone special and experience this kind of love that can be found only between couples.

But until then, I wait. I wait patiently for the man God has destined for me. And while I wait, I will work. I will work to be that woman that God has destined for him.

To others, I may be alone but let me tell you this: I AM NOT. I KNOW I’M NOT. 

I have my Heavenly Father with me and I am confident in His promise that I will never be alone because He is and will always be with me. And He will continue to be with me even after I find that someone who I will spend the rest of my life with.


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