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Just because I am single doesn’t mean any guy can make a pass at me.

Just because I am reaching my 30’s doesn’t mean I feel desperate to enter a relationship.

Respect. Dignity. Purity.

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How many women tend to forget to keep these three virtues by rushing into a hot passionate relationship just to fill the void left by a man who broke their heart when they were younger.

Thinking their thirst for love will be quenched by entertaining every guy they meet. Every guy who tries their luck. Nothing will be lost. As the saying goes, “try and try until you succeed.” Every single time.


As time passes, should I lose my concept of what love is? Should I give in and go with the flow because anyway, people are just fine with it. Dating. Chatting. Flirting.

Should I forget that I am still waiting for the right person at the right time?

The person whom I will feel comfortable sharing this reflective side of me. Who wants to explore the world of endless possibilities. Who wants to go out there and serve God, side by side?

Should I stop waiting for the person who wants to do the same with me? Because it will be happier, more rewarding, thrilling and fulfilling to be with each other, doing the things we love for the Lord. Should I stop reaching?

I don’t think so.

God gave me this much time in my hands. It’s not long. It is enough to complete my mission in this world. I do not want to enter a relationship that will hinder my reason for being and my way back home. I want to look straight and keep moving forward, towards my ultimate goal: to come home to Him who saves.

That is why being single is fine.

It is not pressuring me to dive back into the deep flood I managed to get out of.

I don’t want to go back.

I will keep my dignity, purity and search for true love. His kind of love.

I am not someone any guy can make a pass at.

I am not just a woman who is looking for a typical relationship.

Because I am a person who values respect.

I am a woman who, when I meet “him”, would look him truthfully in the eyes. He will know that I’m serious. I am someone he can put his trust in. Someone he can rely will stay by his side and will try to push him to his limits, to make him feel he wants to be his best self. He will want to do the same for me and we will be helping each other go up. That guy will rest easy because he knows even if he fails I will be there, eating ramen with him (or whatever he feels like eating that time). He will see how long I’ve waited for him, how long I’ve resisted to be with guys other than him, how I’ve loved him even before we have met.

Because I’ve prayed for him. I spent countless nights wishing we would finally meet. Setting my heart on stone that I will only give it to him not to some random guy.

And knowing that, he will never make me feel taken for granted. He will not take advantage of my sincerity and kindness. He will not scold me for doing the things I’m best at. Instead, he will wear it like a crown when I am with him. That he found someone with my qualities. He will never make me feel ashamed of myself. Because I’m not. So why would he? He would never try to hurt me on purpose. Because he will know how much I love him and I want to make him happy. And how he will want to do exactly the same. He will give me the respect I deserve.

I put my trust in the Lord knowing He will let us meet.

..in His perfect time.

: )

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