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Our paths crossed
Never did I thought you’d be both
A blessing and a curse

A blessing,
I’ve been searching for rescue in all my dreary nights
You came with arms begging to join my weary plight

A blessing,
You filled my days with laughter, I can hardly breath
I should have known the end is near for all those silly treats

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A blessing,
You held my hand and told me I’m but your happy pill
I should’ve known from the very start what’s lie and what is real

A blessing,
That’s what you were to me back then
Before you left me hanging
Before you bid goodbye
Without me even knowing

A curse,
If I had known what love back then I could have looked at you
With eyes surprised and stunned, for yours was never true

A curse,
If I had known this’ll be the end I could have chosen another path
Guess the choice I made back then wasn’t really meant to last

A curse,
You filled my night with screams and doubts and questions left unsaid
I never thought it would be so hard that I can hardly breath

A curse
You were to me back then, when all I felt was pain
Never thought one day I’ll see you as one I lost not gain

When you left I found answers to my quest
A love that’s wild and best
A love that never was a curse
A love that sees me best

When you left I found arms that are stronger than yours and mine
Hands that picked me up when I
Walked barefooted on the ground

When you left I found the truth that lies within
You’re just a travell’r lost and sad
So you joined me in my plight

When you left I found the truth I always seek
The truth of God’s love and grace
That loves me in my mess

When you left I found the strength to let you go
For His love has filled my days
With laughters to be chased

When you left He showed me what’s real and true
A love that was never shown by you
A love I’m thrilled to know

Our paths crossed
Never did I thought one day
I’ll see you again and I’ll feel glad
We were never made to last.

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