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What broke us maybe different and unique from each other, but the fact is, we are all capable of breaking. Some get their heart broken because of failed relationships. Because they love much but never loved back. Some can’t just let go of that string of hope loosely tied around their pinkies, trying to hold on that string that’s slowly becoming frail because the other end already ran way too far. Others break maybe because they hope unto something too much just to find out it’s not worth it at all.

Those who are hurt are capable of hurting others as well, but I admire those who do not hurt back because they understand how painful it is to get your heart broken, your pride trampled, your value disregarded. These people are the ones that love the best. Those who get their heart broken, are the ones who loved truly. Those who got their trusts broken, are the ones who are sincere. Those who got their hearts broken because they hope are the ones that are pure and innocent. And these people are gold yet more valuable.

So to those who have that broken heart, I know that that heart is still capable of breaking… the little pieces of that broken heart can still shatter… But take it all to Jesus. ‘Cause when everything seems like going round and round vanity… Jesus cares, and He delivers. He is close to the broken hearted. He blesses those who are hurt, He renews our strength because His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. Because sometimes, we have to break in order to let His light shine through our cracks.

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So let your heart open, no matter how broken it is. Keep it open for those who still need a beam of love, those who still hold on to hope that someone somewhere out there still cares and truly loves. Keep it open even to those who are cold-hearted, even to those who are hurt, or to those who hurt you, betray you, and left you… Keep it open and take it all to Christ that He may take over that brokenness and mend it like a sophisticated mosaic… and we will soon learn to love again. Keep it open until bitterness no longer suits its core, keep it open until pain turns to joy, and until kindness overflows once more.

Some came this far because they were strong enough to make it through every hard blow of life. Others were able to come this far because they braved their way out of life’s fiercest storms. But one thing is common to all… and that is the fact that we’re all under God’s provision and if ever you’ll find yourself finally took that extra extra miles away from where you felt last broken, then know that you are meant to be here and you did not come this far just to be this far. So keep on, and keep going… even with that broken heart.

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