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You did it again!
That same thing you said you wouldn’t do.
Here you are again.
Punishing yourself for doing the same mistake.
Thoughts are surging your mind.
Questions devour your head.
What will I do? Where will I go?
Will I run away or will I run to you?

In moments where direction is unknown
In times you’re flooded with condemnation
Don’t listen to that demon and its lies.
Run to the one who truly knows you inside.

Yes, it is not easy.
When your mind is out of control already
But please forgive yourself.
Please stop condemning yourself.

Yes, you made a mistake, a huge one.
But don’t underestimate God’s capacity to forgive.
Cause even those who persecuted Jesus the Son.
Forgiveness and love they have received.

No matter how dirty and filthy you are
Full of sins, mistakes repeatedly done and scars.
Take away the shame, guilt, pride and fear.
Start running to God, His voice you have to hear.

Saying, Child here I am.
I’m just waiting for you to come.
I forgave all your sins my child.
Know that I am always here by your side.

I love you so much my Child.
Now, let me hug you and see you smile.

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