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1. Sex is a BIG DEAL. Casual sex is one of the biggest ironies in life. Getting naked in front of another human being has impact on the soul and leave lasting imprints on the mind. To underestimate it is a huge mistake. To overestimate it is not good, either.

2. People-pleasing will erode one’s identity. You don’t need to be liked by everyone, especially if it means not liking yourself in the end.

3. You only really need a handful of good, solid, will-tell-you-when-you’re-being-dumb type of friendships. Choose wisely.

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4. You will grow & mature so much once you get over yourself. You ain’t perfect, you will fail, & you will make moronic choices, but if you open your heart to correction & godly rebuke, you will bloom into a much more beautiful human being. Iron sharpens iron.

5. Foresight matters–big time. Where you spend your time, energy, and skills on today will dictate a specific type of future for you tomorrow. I’m still reaping the consequences of the toxic habits I developed 10 years ago. Thank God we can start over!

6. Help boys be men. Our decisions & responses in relationships show a type of manhood we encourage, allow, and enable. Is it the good kind?

7. Forgiveness sets us free, whether we’re on the receiving or giving end. More importantly, forgiveness is a COMMAND.

8. Your parents’ mistakes don’t have to define you. You can’t keep blaming them for so long. This is YOUR life–a gift from God. You’re the only one accountable in the end.

9. Rushing will only make you waste time. You may not be prepared enough for the things you want–you may only regret it or let it destroy you later on. The Bible says there’s a season and time for everything. Huwag atat!

10. Once you fully grasp the Grace God extends to you via His mercy and forgiveness, you will never be the same. Grace meets you where you are, but it sure doesn’t let you stay there.

11. The Gospel is not about you. It’s not about me. Make no mistake, we are the beneficiaries of the good news, but it’s not because we’re worthy. It’s because God is loving, just, & merciful. God saves us from Him, not just ourselves.

Written by Danah Gutierrez,
Power Guest on BW Podcast

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