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As we are about to close this 2019 story of ourselves, I do hope…

The ones who keep up their faith will finally feel that this is the “someday” that they are waiting for,

The ones who are still in search will eventually say it is done and over,

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The ones who are stucked in the hands of time will finally moved on and never look back,

The ones who are afraid to take risks will have the courage to go out of their comfort zones and see things outside their chosen limits,

The ones who cannot understand the nothingness of their emotions will be able to uncage themselves of their own,

The ones who are left behind will never be hardened by the heartlessness of existence,

The ones who keeps on waiting will finally say “Afterall, everything was worth it”,

The ones who feels like they cannot bear the heaviness of the world around their shoulders will be able to feel that all this time, they have the inner strength to unload these pieces and leave it all away,

The ones who think that they can’t let go will understand that there are far better things ahead than what we leave behind,

The ones who are struggling to face the truth will be able to accept that even if it’s frightening, it will release them in the chains of lies, deceit and false pretenses, and this is the only thing that will set them free,

The ones who are afraid of mistakes and faults will know that through it, they are able to have the chance to learn more about life and the messiness of living are all natural, it is being a human,

The ones who are giving up will feel that there are still possibilities to make things right, that there are still a break through coming along the way, that there are always a brand new morning to start new and fresh,

The ones who are broken-hearted will understand that heartbreaks are not bound to be a regret, but a wonderful lesson instead,

The ones who faces the same paths they avoided before will be reminded that it’s okay to stand on the same spot where they left, but this second time around, a little wiser,

The ones who in need of healing will know that the process may be not that easy, it not be the way they want it to be but they’ll survive it,

The ones who are told that things will never work out will never lose their faith to make it up for the last time,

The ones who think that they are better for less will know how deserving they are of the time, effort and genuine care simply because they are worthy of it,

The ones who think that they have lost themselves in the course of life will eventually find their way back and feel the warmth that has been long missing,

And the ones who think that love is never meant for them, love is never made for them, that love will never exist on them, will one day face and embrace it with so much reality.

I hope that this will be another year of brand new beginnings regardless of your scars, fears, doubts, uncertainties, pain and confusion. Remember you don’t have to take those big steps of courage. You have to get that little piece of bravery that’s inside you, that ounce of strength that’ll help you to get it through one by one.

It’s okay, yes. Don’t beat yourself up too much for all the failures and wrong choices you made. Life’s meant to learn in difficult times, too. No one is perfect.

May the remaining few days of this year 2019 be a magnificent transformation, opportunity and chances for the year to come.

2020 is yours, braveheart. 🖤

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